Sandra Sekula – King’s Lynn

Sandra Sekula entered a free prize draw on, which offers consumers the chance to win big cash prizes for free. Publishers Clearing House has been running in America for over 55 years, during which time it has given out more than £130 million in prizes. The prize draws have launched recently in the UK and Sandra is one of the first big winners.

She was surprised today at home this morning by a personal visit from the PCH Prizes Team who presented her with her cheque for £5,000. In a scene reminiscent of the famous ‘Down Your Doorstep’ segment on The Big Breakfast, the PCH Prizes Team took to the streets of King’s Lynn in a branded taxi to track Sandra down and personally hand over the cheque.

Sandra Sekula – King’s Lynn

Sandra said: “I can’t believe I’ve won £5,000, I’ve never won anything before and this is such a huge amount of money. The winnings are going to come in handy for Christmas or we may even go on holiday. I’ll have to keep the giant cheque to show everybody as none of my family will believe me! I want to thank and tell everyone that they should enter and it could be them winning next time.”

Dennis Vukelic, Director of Online Strategy at Publishers Clearing House, commented: “The lucky winner had no idea they had won – the first Sandra knew about it was when the PCH Prizes Team turned up with the cheque to hand over! £5,000 is a huge amount of money and we’re delighted that she won.”

When 3,000 UK consumers were questioned about how they’d spend such a large sum of money, 55% said they would use it to treat family and friends, whilst 41% would have a luxury holiday. An altruistic third (33%) would give money to charity and a sensible one in five (18%) would put it all in savings.