The winner of’s free prize draw, Telford resident, Garry Latham, was delighted after being surprised by TV star Keith “Cheggers” Chegwin at work this morning with a cheque for a life changing £100,000.

The PCH Prize Patrol arrived at Garry’s home where his wife was surprised by Keith Chegwin and the team, and enlisted in the hunt to track down her husband at work and award him with his giant cheque of £100,000.

After whizzing around Telford in the PCH Prizes taxi, Cheggers hunted Garry down in a scene reminiscent of the famous ‘Down Your Doorstep’ segment on The Big Breakfast to personally hand his winning cheque over.

Garry said: “I’ve been entering the free draws online at PCH Prizes for a while now with the hope of winning something, but I could have never guessed it would be the £100k jackpot!  I am looking forward to spending the money on the house, as we currently have half a kitchen, and also need a new roof! A few long weekends away are definitely in order for my wife and I, this just couldn’t have come at a better time.”

Cheggers added: “We’ve been all over Telford this morning hunting down Garry, our lucky winner, and it was fantastic when we arrived at work to surprise him with his wife- he had absolutely no idea he had won and I was delighted to hand him the £100,000 cheque, it’s a huge amount of money, one of the biggest amounts I’ve ever given away in my career!”