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Why everyone loves PCH Prizes

Publishers Clearing House has been taking America by storm since the early 1950s - giving away over £162,OOO,OOO.OO million in prizes to 1,000s of lucky winners! And the best bit is they have brought these great prizes to the UK with the PCH Prizes website, www.pchprizes.co.uk. You now have the opportunity to enter prize draws operated by Publishers Clearing House and win big cash prizes for FREE. There’s absolutely no catch … just ££££s to be given away. And all you have to do for your chance to win is simply sign-up and be a part of the non-stop action every day at PCH Prizes!

Americans have been playing the Prize Draws in their millions. And now it’s your turn

How it all started

Publishers Clearing House started out life way back in 1953 as a small magazine subscription company. From humble beginnings in a garage, it has grown to become a household name in America. And this is how the excitement grew!

In 1967, Publishers Clearing House decided that the best way to tell people about their magazine subscription deals was through the use of prize draws. Anyone could enter. And anyone had a chance of winning a fantastic cash prize. Sure enough, Prize Draws were a big hit and have been a part of their business ever since!

Celebrate PCH Prizes style

The Publishers Clearing House Prize Draws were no ordinary prize draws. Publishers Clearing House wanted theirs to be bigger and better than anything that had been done before. After all, they were giving away life changing amounts of cash and they wanted to do it in an extraordinary way. So they created the Prize Patrol which would turn up on the doorstep of the lucky winner in their prize patrol vehicle ready to surprise the winner with their big cheque, balloons, champagne and a huge celebration.

The Publishers Clearing House Prize Draws are now here in the UK

PCH Prizes is now bursting with excitement as we can finally bring the Publishers Clearing House Prize Team here to the UK and we’re inviting everyone to enter for FREE!  We’ve got hundreds of opportunities for you to win every day here at PCHPrizes.co.uk, whether it’s your entry into the fantastic Publishers Clearing House Prize Draws, or experiencing the thrill of Instant Win games. Make sure you register now to be a part of the big prize giveaways. And if you win a big prize, the PCH Prizes Team will show up at your door with a big cheque, balloons, and champagne just like they do in the States.

Remember, it’s all about winning!